Hydraulic Services

Delta Hydraulics are unique in the professional services we offer the hydraulic industry. Our dedicated team of skilled engineers not only possesses the skills and knowledge required to correct and improve hydraulic systems but also shares this knowledge to assist our customers predict and prevent failures before they endure costly downtime. We take pride in our proven track record of failure elimination and prevention through our focus on Root-Cause Analysis and remedial works.

Our expertise in Hydro-static and Hydro-dynamic applications along with our continuous investment in specialised tools and equipment allows us to Test, Calibrate & Certify all manners of Hydraulic equipment including Hydraulic Pump Volumetric Efficiency testing, Pressure Gauge Calibration, Load Testing, Safety valve testing, Servo Valve Repairs and many more. Our ever-growing team of highly trained individuals ensures all our services are carried out safely, timely and efficiently to the Industries Highest Standards.

Cylinder Repairs and Manufacturing

The Delta Hydraulics facility in Carlow is dedicated to both the Reconditioning of Hydraulic Cylinders and the Design and Manufacture of Bespoke Cylinders. Our team caters for specialised single units and bulk orders in a timely manner.

Hydraulic Fluid Analysis

Regular Fluid sampling is crucial to hydraulic system management. Oil Sample Reports provide vital information on system condition and can detect problematic components prior to systematic failures. Our team Collects, Analysis’s, Deciphers and makes recommendations based on findings.

Hydraulic System Flushing

Delta Hydraulics specialise in contamination control and system management. Our custom built Variable Flow Hot Flushing Rigs ensures a minimum Reynolds Number of Re4000 is achieved on all hose and pipe sizes. We measure Flow, Temperature and Contamination levels in real-time to ensure flushing is successful.

Servo Valve Testing and Repair

Delta Hydraulics offer an economical quick turnaround on Servo Valve repairs of all makes and models through our Partners STAR, Servo Technology and Repair. Full warranty offered on all repairs, Testing is carried out in accordance with ISO10770-1:2009

Sydfee Repairs

Delta Hydraulics specialise in the repair, testing and setting of SYDFEE 1X and SYDFEE 2X Variable command Flow, Pressure & Power pumps commonly found in the Plastics Manufacturing industry. Our Custom made test bench is suitable for use with SYDFEE pumps from all machinery manufacturers.

Testing & Calibrating

With 30 years’ experience in Hydraulic Testing and Calibration, Delta p have built an arsenal of testing equipment from our Budenberg Deadweight Tester for testing the accuracy of Pressure gauges to our sophisticated sensors, software and data-logging equipment for complete system monitoring.