Rexroth Vane Pumps

Pump Technology for Demanding Automotive Applications Often used in hydraulic power steering units and automatic transmissions, Rexroth has made major investments in refining vane pump technology to meet the demanding requirements of the global automotive industry. Vane pumps can be designed in balanced configurations where there are two inlet and two outlet ports, similar to balanced gear pumps.

Image Part No Description Data Sheet
R900532770 PV7-1X/100-118RE07MD0-16
R900561846 PV7-1X/100-150RE07MC0-08
R900580381 PV7-1X/10-14RE01MC0-16
R900504653 PV7-1X/10-14RE01MD0-16
R900534143 PV7-1X/10-20RE01MC0-10
R900906584 PV7-1X/10-20RE01MD0-10
R900580382 PV7-1X/16-20RE01MC0-16
R900509274 PV7-1X/16-20RE01MD0-16
R900533582 PV7-1X/16-30RE01MC0-08
R900580383 PV7-1X/25-30RE01MC0-16
R900509506 PV7-1X/25-30RE01MD0-16
R900534508 PV7-1X/25-45RE01MC0-08
R900580384 PV7-1X/40-45RE37MC0-16
R900593330 PV7-1X/40-45RE37MD0-16
R900535588 PV7-1X/40-71RE37MC0-08
R900506808 PV7-1X/63-71RE07MC0-16
R900519094 PV7-1X/63-71RE07MD0-16
R900560659 PV7-1X/63-94RE07MC0-08