Modular Powerpacks

(Mini powerpack range)

Delta Hydraulics offer from stock a highly evolved modular system resulting in powerful, flexible and cost-effective power pack range, identified as “Compact Power Modules”.

In its easier configuration, a compact power module is an assembly of electric motor, central manifold with valves, pump, and reservoir and connection elements.

The Central manifold with its built in valves, allows to achieve a large variety of hydraulic control circuits. If more complex circuits are needed, modular integration blocks can be added by flange mounting, or interfacing, to the central manifold to extend its capabilities.

Typical Applications:

Passenger Lift Tail Lift Material Handling
Fork Lift Scissor Lift Dock Leveller
Car m/c Lift Tyre Changer Building Crane
Table Lift Home Lift Foods Machinery
Dumper Gangway & Davitt Equipment Testing


DC Voltages: 12VDC, 24VDC
AC Voltages 110AC, 220AC, 380AC
DC Power Up to 3kW
AC Power Up to 4kW
Pressure Up to 350 bar
Flow rate Up to 10.5L/min
Volume Up to 60 Litres
Control Voltage AC or DC