Rexroth Axial Piston Pumps

Bosch Rexroth fixed displacement pumps and variable pumps are available in a variety of sizes and piston designs for many different mobile hydraulics markets and applications, offering superb versatility and adaptability.

Image Part No Description Data Sheet
R902532451 A A10VSO 18 DR /31R-VPA12N00
R902532452 A A10VSO 18 DR /31R-VSA12N00
R902532453 A A10VSO 18 DFR1/31R-VPA12K01
R902532454 A A10VSO 18 DFR1/31R-VSA12N00
R902532456 A A10VSO 28 DR /31R-VPA12K01
R902532457 A A10VSO 28 DR /31R-VPA12K68
R902532455 A A10VSO 28 DR /31R-VPA12N00
R902532460 A A10VSO 28 DFLR/31R-VPA12N00
R902532458 A A10VSO 28 DFR1/31R-VPA12K01
R902532459 A A10VSO 28 DFR1/31R-VSA12N00
R902532462 A A10VSO 45 DR /31R-VPA12K01
R902532463 A A10VSO 45 DR /31R-VPA12K68
R902532461 A A10VSO 45 DR /31R-VPA12N00
R902532466 A A10VSO 45 DFLR/31R-VPA12N00
R902532464 A A10VSO 45 DFR1/31R-VPA12K01
R902532465 A A10VSO 45 DFR1/31R-VPA12K68
R902532472 A A10VSO 71 DR /31R-VPA42K01
R902532473 A A10VSO 71 DR /31R-VPA42K68
R902532471 A A10VSO 71 DR /31R-VPA42N00
R902532477 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/31R-VPA42N00
R902532475 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/31R-VPA42K01
R902532476 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/31R-VPA42K68
R902532661 A A10VSO100 DR /31R-VPA12K01
R902532662 A A10VSO100 DR /31R-VPA12K68
R902532660 A A10VSO100 DR /31R-VPA12N00
R902532665 A A10VSO100 DFLR/31R-VPA12N00
R902532663 A A10VSO100 DFR1/31R-VPA12K01
R902532664 A A10VSO100 DFR1/31R-VPA12K68
R902532669 A A10VSO140 DR /31R-VPB12K01
R902532670 A A10VSO140 DR /31R-VPB12K68
R902532668 A A10VSO140 DR /31R-VPB12N00
R902532672 A A10VSO140 DFLR/31R-VPB12N00
R902532671 A A10VSO140 DFR1/31R-VPB12K68
R902532467 A A10VSO 45 DRS /32R-VSB32U00E
R902532468 A A10VSO 45 LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R902532469 A A10VSO 45 LA7DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R902532470 A A10VSO 45 LA8DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R902532478 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB32U00E
R902532479 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R902532666 A A10VSO100 DRS/32R-VSB32U00E
R902532667 A A10VSO100LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R902532673 A A10VSO140 DRS /32R-VSB32U00E
R902532674 A A10VSO140LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R902532675 A A10VSO140LA7DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R902230046 A2FO10/61R-VAB06
R902230048 A2FO12/61R-VAB06
R902230050 A2FO16/61R-VAB06
R902230054 A2FO28/61R-PPB05
R902230055 A2FO28/61R-VAB05
R902230056 A2FO32/61R-VAB05
R902230057 A2FO32/61R-VBB05
R902230058 A2FO45/61R-VPB06
R902230059 A2FO56/61R-PPB05
R902230060 A2FO56/61R-VAB05
R902230061 A2FO63/61R-PBB05
R902230062 A2FO63/61R-VAB05
R902230063 A2FO80/61R-PPB05
R902230064 A2FO80/61R-VAB05
R902230065 A2FO90/61R-PBB05
R902230047 A2FO107/61R-PPB06
R902230049 A2FO125/61R-VBB05
R902230051 A2FO160/61R-PPB05
R902230052 A2FO180/61R-VBB05
R902230053 A2FO200/63R-VBB05
R902230072 A17FO 23
R902230073 A17FO 32
R902230074 A17FO 45
R902230075 A17FO 63
R902230076 A17FO 80
R902230071 A17FO 107
R902230070 A17FNO 125
R902532547 A15VSO175LRDRE2AHV/10MRVE4A21EU0000-0
R902532545 A15VSO210DRA0V/10MRVE4A2EU0000-0
R902532546 A15VSO210LRDRE2AHV/10MRVE4A21EU0000-0
R902532550 A15VSO280DRS0A0V/10MRVE4A41EU0000-0
R902532548 A15VSO280LRDRA0V/10MRVE4A1EU0000-0
R902532549 A15VSO280LRDRE2AHV/10MRVE4A41EU0000-0
R902228074 A11VO40DRS/10L-NSC12N00
R902228075 A11VO40DRS/10R-NSC12N00
R902228076 A11VO60DRS/10L-NSC12N00
R902228077 A11VO60DRS/10R-NSC12N00
R902228078 A11VO75DRS/10L-NSD12N00
R902228079 A11VO75DRS/10R-NSD12N00
R902228080 A11VO95DRS/10L-NSD12N00
R902228081 A11VO95DRS/10R-NSD12N00
R902230092 A7VO28DR/63R-NPB01
R902230093 A7VO55DR/63R-NPB01
R902230094 A7VO55DR/63R-NZB01
R902230095 A7VO80DR/63R-NPB01
R902230087 A7VO107DR/63R-NPB01
R902230088 A7VO107DR/63R-NZB01
R902230089 A7VO160DR/63R-NPB01
R902230090 A7VO160DR/63R-NZB01
R902230091 A7VO160EP2/63R-NPB01
R902230077 A17VO055DRS-L
R902230078 A17VO055DRS-R
R902230079 A17VO080DRS-L
R902230080 A17VO080DRS-R
R902230081 A17VO107DRS-L
R902230082 A17VO107DRS-R
R902230085 A18VO 80 DRS-L – 0
R902230086 A18VO 80 DRS-R – 0
R902230083 A18VO 107 DRS-L – 0
R902230084 A18VO 107 DRS-R – 0