Axial Piston Motors

Axial piston units are available in the form of pumps and motors in bent axis design or swashplate design for medium- and high-pressure ranges. They are the main components in the hydrostatic transmission. Compact size and high power density, economy and reliability are characteristic advantages which speak for the use of hydrostatic transmissions, together with the fact that they meet the demand for high speed and high torque, as well as optimum efficiency.

Image Part No Description Data Sheet
R902230000 A2FM5/60W-VBB030
R902230001 A2FM10/61W-VAB030
R902230002 A2FM10/61W-VBB030
R902230006 A2FM12/61W-VAB030
R902230007 A2FM12/61W-VPB030
R902230008 A2FM12/61W-VPB040
R902230013 A2FM16/61W-VAB030
R902230014 A2FM16/61W-VBB030
R902230015 A2FM16/61W-VBB040
R902230021 A2FM23/61W-VAB020
R902230022 A2FM23/61W-VPB030
R902230023 A2FM23/61W-VPB040
R902230024 A2FM28/61W-VAB010
R902230025 A2FM28/61W-VAB020
R902230026 A2FM28/61W-VPB030
R902230027 A2FM32/61W-VAB010
R902230028 A2FM32/61W-VAB020
R902230029 A2FM32/61W-VBB030
R902230030 A2FM32/61W-VBB040
R902230031 A2FM45/61W-VPB010
R902230032 A2FM45/61W-VPB020
R902230033 A2FM45/61W-VPB040
R902230034 A2FM45/61W-VZB020
R902230035 A2FM56/61W-VAB020
R902230036 A2FM56/61W-VPB020
R902230037 A2FM63/61W-VAB010
R902230038 A2FM63/61W-VAB020
R902230039 A2FM63/61W-VBB040
R902230040 A2FM80/61W-VAB010
R902230041 A2FM80/61W-VAB020
R902230042 A2FM80/61W-VPB020
R902230043 A2FM90/61W-VAB010
R902230044 A2FM90/61W-VAB020
R902230045 A2FM90/61W-VBB020
R902230003 A2FM107/61W-VAB010
R902230004 A2FM107/61W-VAB020
R902230005 A2FM107/61W-VPB020
R902230009 A2FM125/61W-VAB010
R902230010 A2FM125/61W-VAB020
R902230011 A2FM125/61W-VBB010
R902230012 A2FM125/61W-VBB020
R902230016 A2FM160/61W-VAB010
R902230017 A2FM160/61W-VAB020
R902230018 A2FM180/61W-VAB010
R902230019 A2FM180/61W-VAB020
R902230020 A2FM200/63W-VAB010